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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients


Upon receiving her fifteenth RIPPLES award, Deb Haley (left), Library Assistant, was presented with an IPFW briefcase.  Cheryl Truesdell, Dean, IPFW Helmke Library recognized Deb with the briefcase during a recent staff luncheon. Her supervisor, Circulation Manager Joyce Saltsman (right), and other library colleagues joined her in celebrating this achievement.

Kayla Klimasko- Career Counselor

Since summer, you've gone above and beyond for Career Services to ensure that we have front desk/drop-in coverage every single day in order to serve students! You're a huge reason our office functions so productively. Well done on your organization, initiative and attention to detail!

---Andrea Ogubi

Danna Whitney- Secretary

Thank you for your support, patience, and flexibility this summer. I appreciate all of the little and big things you did to help Career Services during our time in Walb 214. Thank You!!

---Ashley Calderon

At the last minute, helping me find additional boxes for our office move. I really appreciate your support and kindness during a hectic time.  You are the best! I love my IPFW colleagues!

---Julie Miller

Kasey Price- Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Life and Leadership

Thank you for hosting our Office during the Kettler Construction. I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to make it work during this transition. You are definitely a team player and I respect that.

---Ashley Calderon

Micheala Pattison- Student Service: Help Desk

Thank you for fielding my multiple calls on Monday October 3. I was unable to get several things done due to computer/printer issues. You were so very patient each time and helped me troubleshoot or connected me to the technicians who fixed it. You were very knowledgeable and assertive. Thank you!

---Andrea Ogubi

Ashley Calderon- Director of Career Services

Thanks for all your hard work and calm during this hectic move. You're an awesome boss to work for!

---Kristine O’Brien

The new construction and the Career Services move. Despite the difficulties and hurdles, you championed through it all and lead the office in a great manor! You are an amazing director and we could not possibly have a better one!

---Lynne Koepper

ITS System Administration

Answers any question I have with layman terms and makes sure I understand the process without making me feel uneducated. Great team.

---Mary Nixon

Greg Dent- Maintenance Mechanic

Thank you for helping Career Services with the move back to Kettler. I really appreciate all of the time you spent hanging all of the pictures and items. Thank you!!

---Ashley Calderon

David Zuber- Maintenance Mechanic

Thank you for taking the time to help Career Services with our move back. I know it was extremely time consuming and I really appreciate it.

---Ashley Calderon

Kirk Tolliver- Human Resources Information Manager

When I received a notice from the IRS, looked up my information and gave me advice on what to do.

---Mary Nixon

Michael Pressler- Project Leader: ETCS

Outstanding, detailed work on the FIRST LEGO League state registration through ETCS website. Your support role for outreach is critical and impacts over 250 teams; many who will attend the IPFW Indiana Championship. You technical work makes IPFW's leadership in this STEM activity possible. Your attention to detail and troubleshooting are unsurpassed for more than a decade. Thank you!

---Carol Dostal

James Velez- Assistant Director: Academic Liaison and Community Engagement

James was flexible and more than willing to assist with a last minute campus visit. He stayed late to give prospective students a campus tour and give them a positive experience of the IPFW campus. I am glad I get to work alongside people like James who are willing to go the extra mile for our prospective students.

---Amanda Seilheimer

Tracey Peterson- Business Assistant

Thank you for all of the extra effort to make my new office a very good work environment.  Keys for the cabinets.  Getting the cabinets cut to fit.  Push pin board mounted.  ETC. 

---Marvin Haugk

Liane Ambrose- Banquet Coordinator

Helping out during our office move. Your little helper was a cute distraction during the transition. Thanks a bunch!

---Julie Miller

Leanne Bure- Banquet Coordinator

Your help and support during a hectic office move. Thanks for everything. Teamwork makes the dream work!

---Julie Miller

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You make a difference!   Congratulations on having received over fifty RIPPLES awards.

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