Doermer School of Business

Learning Communities

The Doermer School of Business (DSB) Learning Community was formed in Spring 2007 at the suggestion of Dr. Kathy Pollock and the Undergraduate Policy Committee.  The purpose of the Learning Community is to provide students with a positive, engaging way to meet other DSB students at the beginning of their business student career and to participate in some of the extra-curricular business experiences which are so vital to the life of the School.

In the fall, the Community involves linking one class of ECON E201, Introduction to Microeconomics, and one class of BUS A201, Introduction to Financial Accounting.  In the spring, ECON E202, Introduction to Macroeconomics, and BUS A202, Introduction to Managerial Accounting are linked.  These courses have been taught by Dr. Carolyn Stumph and Prof. Susan Minke respectively since the inception of the program.  The same students take both classes and the classes are scheduled back-to-back.  As an additional requirement, the Learning Community volunteers as a class to assist high school students with acquiring financial literacy skills at Junior Achievement’s Finance Park.  The students are also required to participate in two extra-curricular business-related events on campus.  Past events have included Fed Challenge meetings, Accounting Society meetings and Delta Sigma Pi (professional business fraternity) events. 

Ordinarily, DSB students would not have this opportunity to meet other students who are also starting the program at the same time.  Even though the Learning Community has a few additional requirements that a regular class would not have, the benefits of being able to form study groups and networks far outweighs the small cost.  Past students have emerged as leaders in Delta Sigma Pi, the Fed Challenge, the Accounting Society and SIFE.  Many Learning Community alumnae return to share their positive experiences in the Learning Community and beyond.  The consensus is that the Learning Community promotes student engagement in the life of the School.

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