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Microsoft Office 365/Outlook 2013 Training

Microsoft Office 365/Outlook: Basics

Outlook is a messaging and collaboration platform that supports email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. It also supports WebAccess, the browser-based webmail client.

Outlook 2010 and 2013

Aside from a different look, Outlook 2013 isn't very different than Outlook 2010. Anything you would usually use or see in 2010 is in 2013.

Location: IT Services Training Lab (Kettler Hall, Room 205B)

Instructors: Todd Raines, Kathie Surface

Quick Guides:

Office 365/ Outlook 2013(PDF)

Outlook Calendars(PDF)

Outlook Delegation(PDF)

Outlook Searching(PDF)

Outlook Customization(PDF)

Office 365/Outlook 2013 Basics Training Video

video platform video management video solutionsvideo player

Topics include:

  • Accessing your mail
  • Attachments
  • Email Signature
  • Deleting/Undeleting
  • Creating Rules to Automatically Handle Mail
  • Address Book
  • Folders
  • Appointments
  • Task
  • Proxy Access
  • Webmail

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