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Retiree and Emeritus Accounts Overview


Note: IPFW retirees and emeritus faculty are entitled to keep their IPFW account for as long as they want. Alternatively, retirees and emeritus faculty can request their account be deleted on their retirement date or at any time thereafter.

Note: Access to university data and faculty/staff resources will be removed on the official retirement date.

Access retirees may keep or add at any time

  • Email and access to it via mobile devices
  • myIPFW
  • Personal storage space
  • Personal web space
  • Campus wireless
  • Discounted Software (Emeritus Faculty only)

Access that is removed upon retirement

  • Departmental storage (O Drives)
  • Departmental web space (WebCMS and P drive)
  • Banner/OASIS
  • Cognos
  • SAP

Emeritus/Retiree Account Form

Prior to retirement; the retiree must fill out the Emeritus/Retiree Account form. Fill this form out as soon as possible so IT Services can assist you fully with preparing to leave the university. This includes transferring email and files to appropriate personnel in your department and gathering all your personal files to take with you.

Retirees and emeritus faculty continue to be bound by the Ethical Guidelines for IT Users and all other applicable IU, Purdue, and IPFW policies and regulations governing the use of their computer account.

Additionally, retirees and emeritus faculty must be aware that IT Services cannot support their personal hardware once they retire.

Password Resets

Retirees should make sure to set a password security question and answer so they can reset their password on their own. Otherwise, they will need to come to the Help Desk with a photo ID.

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