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International Ballroom - Walb Union, Rooms 149-150

Venue Overview

International Ballroom

The International Ballroom at IPFW will play host to a variety of events both large and small.  The International Ballroom is a modern and elegant venue perfect for a variety of events ranging from wedding receptions to large conferences and job fairs. 

Venue Features:

  • Size: 8,325 sq. ft.
  • Capacity: (vary by setup)


Seated Meal

Theatre Style

Salon A or B: 224 286
Both A & B: 448 572
  • Flooring: Plush carpet
  • Rates:


1/2 Day

(<6 hours)

Full Day

(6-12 hours)

Salon A or B: $ 500.00
$ 750.00
Both A & B: $ 700.00

  • Additional rental hours beyond 12: $ 100.00/hour
  • Events can not extend past midnight. 

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International Ballroom

How To Schedule:

Questions about this venue

Contact Leanne Bure at
260-481-6206 or via
email at burel@ipfw.edu

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