Student Records

Social Security Number

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, disclosure of your Social Security number for identification purposes is voluntary. However, if you are applying for financial aid, you are required to provide your Social Security Number to the Financial Aid office. Your number will be used for identification of records and will not be released to other persons or agencies. Further information is available from IPFW Admissions and the Office of the Registrar.

Change of Name

In-Person requests:

Students whose names have been legally changed may come to the IPFW Office of the Registrar, Kettler Hall, Room 107, and file a Change of Name form. Legal documentation, such as an original social security card, marriage certificate, or official court document, must be provided to support the name change. This name change will be reflected on the student's academic record.

Mail, Fax or Email requests:
Complete the online Change of Name form and send your name change request by mail, or fax.

The following information should be included in your request:

    • Your 9-digit IPFW Student ID Number (or the last four digits of your SSN)
    • Exact name that now appears on your university record
    • "New"name as you want it to appear on your university record
    • Phone number or email address at which you may be reached for verification of submitted information
    • Your written signature
    • Reason for change (i.e. marital status change)
    • Copy of legal documentation, such as a copy of a social security card (only if submitting by mail; do not fax the SSN card), copy of marriage certificate, or official court documment that supports the name change.

Note: To insure that your records are complete, please update your permanent address.

Student Directory Exclusion

You may choose to exclude your address and/or telephone number from any student directory that may be published. Forms to request this exclusion are available on the Student Forms page and at the Registrar’s office (Kettler Hall Room 107). Any exclusion that is filed will apply to all future semesters. Exclusions must be filed before the end of the first week of classes to be effective for the current semester or summer session.

Retention of Records

IPFW reserves the right to maintain only those records it considers useful and to set retention schedules for various categories of those records. However, the administrator responsible for each category of records will ensure that a record being challenged is not destroyed prior to resolution of the dispute.