Registration Policies

Registration Processing and Academic Advising

You may not attend a class in which you are not registered. You are not registered for classes until you have:

  1. Completed a registration form and
  2. Had it processed. In most cases, your registration and schedule adjustments can be processed at your academic division or department office or you may be able to submit your request through myIPFW.

You must contact your academic division or department for specific information about academic advising and registration procedures.

Priority Advising and Registration

Priority advising and registration provides the first opportunity for you to register for classes. The available days and times for priority registration are based upon your class standing. To find the specific day(s) and time(s) when you may first register, please refer to the Priority Advising and Registration page for complete information.

Late Registration and Drop/Add

Procedures for late registration and drop/add differ depending on when they are processed. Late registration fees will be assessed. Please refer to the Late Registration and Drop/Add page for complete information.

Adjusting Your Class Schedule

In general, students who have already registered may drop or add classes during those days and times permitted by their academic division or department. You should contact your academic division or department for specific information about drop/add and related procedures. You may not attend a class from which you have withdrawn.

Audit and Pass/Not-Pass Options

If you wish to select the audit or pass/not-pass grading option for a class, follow normal registration or drop-add procedures and indicate audit (A) or pass/not-pass (P/NP) beside the appropriate class(es) on your registration or drop/add form. Regular course fees will be assessed. Audited courses appear on the transcript records of IU students, but do not appear on Purdue transcripts. Shifts between audit and regular credit or between P/NP and regular grading will not be made after the deadline specified in the academic calendar.

Corequisite Class Sections

Some classes require students to register for both a lecture section and a laboratory or recitation section. You should consult the Schedule of Classes, the online registration system, and your advisor for assistance with selecting the proper combinations.

Withdrawals from Classes/University

During the 100% refund period you must complete a drop/add form or submit the change via myIPFW. After the 100% refund period you must submit a withdraw form via myIPFW and follow the course withdraw procedures required by the Center for Student Success and Transitions.  You are responsible for following these procedures to record your official withdrawal from a class. If you stop attending a class and do not officially withdraw from it, you will be responsible for any outstanding fees and receive a grade of F or W for that course.  Request for late withdraw must be submitted to

Canceled Classes

If a class in which you are registered is canceled, you are responsible for following official withdrawal procedures to receive a refund. Required drop/add forms are available in your academic division or department and the Registrar’s office. An advisor’s signature is not required to drop a canceled class.

Refund of Fees

Please refer to the Refund of Fee Schedule for complete information.