Physical Plant

Repairs & Work Orders

To place a Work Order, please fill out the online form. The staff at the Physical Plant office will prepare the necessary internal work orders and expedite the request. The caller will be given a work order number. In the event you might call back to the Customer Service Desk regarding the status of your request, the work order number will help us serve you quickly and accurately.

How Work is Scheduled

Physical Plant's first priority is the maintenance of IPFW's facilities and grounds. The Physical Plant makes every attempt to schedule work so that it can be completed when needed without disrupting any activities. Often, larger projects must be scheduled during a break period, such as in the spring, winter, or summer, when the location for the work is most accessible.

Emergency Maintenance Requests

This work is scheduled as soon as possible after it is requested. This maintenance work, if delayed, would cause or perpetuate a safety hazard, or disrupt the activities of IPFW faculty, staff, and students. Emergency Dispatch requests takes priority over all other Physical Plant work.

Maintenance Requests

These requests include those problems that can cause escalating damage to University facilities and property if not attended too quickly. Each incidence requires special consideration and response.

Utility Shutdowns

Utility interruptions will be scheduled with as much advance notice as possible to minimize disruptions. The Physical Plant will coordinate with Building Services and Maintenance staff to schedule the most appropriate date and time for utility interruptions to occur. Once a utility outage is scheduled, the Physical Plant will send out utility interruption notices.

Unscheduled Outages

All affected Departments, Schools, and University Agencies will be notified of unscheduled and emergency shut downs or utility interruptions. The University receives its utilities from outside sources and none of these utility systems are 100% reliable. These systems are subject to problems created by weather, human error, animals, vandals, etc.

Street Closures

In most cases, it is not feasible to consult the entire campus community before scheduling a street closure. However, campus events are carefully considered prior to setting the date for a street closure. Generally, two weeks to one-month advance notice is given to the campus community. The Physical Plant notifies all affected staff or faculty of the closure to prevent most headaches.

Utility Locations

Many of the utility services at the University are buried. Do not excavate, dig or sink stakes of any kind anywhere on campus without first having the utilities located. This service can be obtained from the Physical Plant.