Physical Plant

Department Offices

Building Services

The Building Services group provides custodial services for academic and administrative buildings and Integrated Solid Waste (trash and recycling) services campus-wide.

Operations & Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance provides services for the operations and maintenance of all buildings, structures, and infrastructure located on the Main Campus, West Campus, East Campus, and Northeast Campus. Operations will also do maintenance work for auxiliaries on campus when authorized personnel submit a work request.
Procurement and contract management responsibility is provided for all utilities, including electric, natural gas, water and sewer.


The Physical Plant Landscape Architect and the Grounds Department are dedicated to the designing and providing a safe, functional and aesthetically-pleasing exterior environment for the students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University.

Project Management

Project Management provides architectural, interior and engineering design services; construction management; and project estimating. Any physical changes to property owned or leased by the University must be performed by or in cooperation with the Physical Plant. Bidding or contracting work done by an outside contractor also requires prior Physical Plant review and approval.

Streets and Maps

The Physical Plant has many updated Streets and Maps available. Utility Maps are available upon request.