Marketing Communications

Font Licensing

Fonts used in the production of marketing materials for IPFW are licensed by agreement with Adobe products and are subject to Adobe regulations. The official university fonts, Helvetica Neue and Minion Pro, are proprietary fonts owned and distributed by Adobe.

Marketing Communications follows regulations established by Adobe regarding the use and distribution of fonts, as well as IPFW Information Technology Services’ Technology Policies and Procedures.

When opening a working file there may be a warning box indicating fonts are missing and font substitution will occur. There are two options:

Option A

Open the file and allow the program to utilize substitute fonts. However, text within the document may reflow and need to be manually edited to properly fit within the design.

Option B

To avoid text reflow and to utilize original fonts, proprietary fonts must be purchased. Upon purchasing the fonts and font license, the fonts will then need to be installed. For the computer/software to recognize the newly installed fonts, the program may need to be closed and reopened or the computer may need to be restarted.