Marketing Communications

Social Media

Connect with your audience wherever they are.

Social media cultivates an engaging, inclusive, and informative online community across multiple platforms while reinforcing the IPFW brand in new and exciting ways. Marketing Communications provides several tools to assist you in generating, curating, and sharing content across social media platforms.

IPFW Social Media Best Practices

IPFW Social Media Best Practices [PDF] provides detailed instructions on best practices and brand standards for managing your social media accounts, including recommendations for growing your audience, generating content, and delivering the right message to your followers.

IPFW Editorial Style Guide

The IPFW Editorial Style Guide [PDF] is a reference tool to help IPFW communicators follow a style that is consistent and appropriate for internal and external audiences.

The guide follows conventions outlined in the Associated Press Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style, with exceptions based on IPFW preferences.

The IPFW editorial staff is responsible for the guide’s contents. Send comments or suggestions to to be considered for future updates to the guide.