Mastodon Advising Center

Deciding (Undeclared) Majors

Students entering IPFW undecided about a major are placed into the Mastodon Advising Center (MAC). While affiliated with MAC, these students are given an opportunity to take classes without having to make an early commitment to a major.

Deciding students should work closely with their MAC advisors to select classes that will meet degree requirements and explore areas of interest. For example, MAC advisors may encourage a deciding student to enroll in career-exploration courses or visit academic units to investigate potential majors.

Students are also encouraged to work with a Career Counselor in Career Services to investigate their interests, skills, and work values related to different professions. By working with a career counselor, students will be able to develop a professional identity and promote themselves as a candidate for today's job market.

Investigating Majors

Investigate Majors

Connecting majors to careers can be tough, especially because your major does not always determine your career. College graduates use their degrees in a wide variety of fields, sometimes in ways you may not realize.

Career Services has created a list of IPFW majors and links to career information to help you figure out what might interest you. Click here for the list, and don't forget to make an appointment with a Career Counselor to talk about your options!

How to Declare Your Major

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Most majors require at least a 2.0 GPA, but some programs are more competitive and require a higher GPA and completion of specific requirements. Please check with your academic advisor to determine the requirements for the majors in which you are interested.

Ready to declare your major? Here's how to do it:

  1. Obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript from myIPFW or the Registrar’s Office (Kettler Hall, Room 107).
  2. Take your transcript to the department you wish to declare as a major and let them know you would like to declare a major. Your new department will handle all the paperwork and assign an academic advisor to work with you. Once your new major has been declared, you will be advised in your new department.

Department Contact Information can be found in the A-Z listing.