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Early Program Release

Students are admitted to the university as Conditional or Exploring based upon their admission criteria. These students must abide by certain conditions in order to continue enrollment at IPFW. Once a student has successfully completed the requirements of their agreement, they will be released to seek admission into their academic major.

However, in certain circumstances, a Conditional or Exploring student may declare their major before being officially released from the program. Students wishing to be released early must:

  1. Speak with their MAC advisor regarding early release from the Conditional or Exploring program
  2. Take an early release form and an unofficial copy of their transcript to the department the student wishes to declare as their major
  3. Have the department grant approval of the major change by completing the early release form
  4. Bring the early release form back to the MAC office

Once MAC receives the signed early release form, they will initiate the process to change the student from Conditional to the desired major.

A copy of the early release form can be obtained from your MAC advisor or by clicking here.