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Peer Advisors

Peer Advisors

Jenna Hoppe

Human Services Major 

Jenna is a senior at IPFW majoring in Human Services.  She chose IPFW because it’s close to home, and affordable. As a freshman, She didn’t feel like she was a part of IPFW, so she decided to get involved on campus. She started volunteering and bacame a BIG Event student leader. Her involvement on campus helped her gain connections at IPFW and that is how she became a Peer Advisor. She enjoys advising students and being a peer they can relate to and see the change the beginning of freshmen year to the end of their freshmen year. She looks forward to the new students every semester and is always willing to help. If you see her in the hallway make sure to say hi!

Ryan Meriwether

Interpersonal Communication Major

Teaching English as a New Language Minor

Ryan a senior at IPFW majoring in interpersonal communication and minoring in the TENL certificate (Teaching English as a New Language). When he graduates from college he plans on being an English teacher overseas in South Korea. Ryan loves IPFW, being a Fort Wayne native has allowed him to be close to home but still earn a big name degree. Through IPFW he has been able to travel and study outside of Indiana. He participated in NSE (National Student Exchange) in California and also studied abroad in South Korea. Ryan loves being a peer advisor and working with students. When he first came to IPFW he wasn’t sure what he wanted to major in and was really nervous about graduating on time and also trying to find out what he would do after college. He feels that since had a great advisor who coached him through all of his worries, he was able to find the perfect major and career. His goal when working with students is to give them the same experience he had as a freshmen. One of the things he finds most important about being a peer advisor is being able to relate to the students since he is a student as well and has gone through some of the same difficulties students face. Make sure to ask Ryan about his experiences if you see him on campus!