Mastodon Advising Center

Make an Appointment

If you are advised through the Mastodon Advising Center, you can make appointments through the AdvisorTrac system. Other departments also use the AdvisorTrac system for scheduling, but through a different site. If you are not a MAC student, but need to make an appointment with your advisor through AdvisorTrac, please go here.

If you don't remember which advisor you've seen previously, view the Advisors page for a listing of MAC advisors with their photos.

AdvisorTrac Instructions:

  • Sign into AdvisorTrac with your myIPFW user name and password. Central authentication is required. 
  • Click on Search Availability on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose a Center. To make an appointment with an advisor, choose MAC APPOINTMENT ADVISING. To view Drop-In advising times, choose MAC DROP-IN ADVISING.
  • Choose a Consultant. If you require a specific advisor, choose from the drop-down menu. To search for the first appointment time available, leave the Consultant box blank.
  • Click Search.
  • To schedule an appointment, click on one of the green available time slots in the Available Time Slots area.
  • In the Appointments Entry box that opens, click on the drop down arrow to choose an appointment Reason.
  • Enter any additional notes for your advisor in the Notes box. (optional)
  • Click Save.
  • An Appointment Confirmation E-mail will be sent to you and your advisor immediately and an Appointment Reminder E-mail will be sent to your IPFW e-mail account 24 hours before your appointment.

To check your upcoming appointments or to cancel an appointment:

  • Your Upcoming Appointments information will display in the box in the center of the Main Menu screen.
  • To Cancel an appointment, click on the “X” after the appointment information.
  • In the Appointment Cancellation box, enter a Reason and click the Confirm Cancellation button.
  • To Log-out of AdvisorTrac, click on the Log Off button in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • For assistance, please call 260-481-6595, or stop by Kettler Hall Room 109.