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Advisors Responsibilities

It is the academic advisor’s responsibility to:

  • Be knowledgeable about university, school/division, and department academic regulations.
  • Establish, maintain, and clearly post adequate and suitable office hours for advising (including information on summer availability).
  • Assist the student with understanding degree requirements and the proper sequencing and selection of courses. This includes being knowledgeable about developmental course placement and any published changes in requirements.
  • Assist the student with determining practical and manageable academic loads.
  • Assist the student with monitoring academic progress.
  • Document approved exceptions to the student’s academic program.
  • Explain the relationships among degree requirements, departmental philosophy, and, as necessary, certification criteria.
  • Assist the student with considering areas of enrichment appropriate to abilities and goals.
  • Assist the student with linking programs of study to relevant career opportunities.
  • Act, when appropriate, as a referral agent to other university personnel and services.