Information Technology Services

Media Transfer/Disposal Process


All media that contains or contained Purdue data must be destroyed when it is no longer usable by the university.

  • When in doubt about what data was on the media, play it safe and treat it as though it contained sensitive information.
  • When the media is to be re-used at the university, it must be fully erased when there is a transfer in ownership from one department to another.
  • This is especially critical when the media holds FERPA or HIPAA protected data.

Transfer in Ownership

  • Any media to be transferred to another department needs to be erased according to Department of Defense standards.
  • IT Services technicians will facilitate the erasure of hard drives in computers that are transfered to other departments.  Please work through the Help Desk and the IT Services Installs Coordinator to have this work done.
  • Contact the Help Desk if you have an external hard drive, flash drive or other portable storage device that will be transferred to another department.

Destruction Process

  • Removable Media
    • CD's, floppies, flash drives, etc. can be placed in the secure collection box at the Help Desk, KT 206.
    • If you have a large quantity of media, please contact the Help Desk to make special arrangements for drop-off.
  • Hard Drives
    • Hard drives are generally reclaimed by IT Services technicians when a computer is sent to salvage.  No additional action is needed.
    • If you have an internal or external hard drive to be destroyed, please contact the Help Desk to arrange for pickup.