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The Freeze is Over

IT Services recently upgraded dotCMS - the Web authoring application used by IPFWWeb content had been frozen while IT Services and University Relations and Communications (URC) worked to upgrade dotCMS, the open-source, enterprise-level Content Management System used by IPFW.

The freeze, initially, was to last for two weeks. A delay was caused by the necessity to set permissions for more than 200 groups with specific requirements. After a testing period where Web authors were able to work in the test environment, the new version was moved to production on Monday, April 25, 2011.

Now Web authors can update and create Web pages using the new features of dotCMS 1.9:

  • Online image editor
  • Image clipboard
  • Inline editing
  • Key site trends and usage statistics
  • Extended SEO descriptions and keywords (metadata)
  • Form builder and handler

The editing environment has a new look and feel, but Web authors are reporting that they like the new interface. Web authors who would like additional training should check out the IT Services training schedule for May. Workshops are scheduled and Web authors can register for them online or by calling the IT Services Help Desk at 260-481-6030.

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