Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week Of October 8 - October 14

Kayla Klimasko- Career Counselor

Since summer, you've gone above and beyond for Career Services to ensure that we have front desk/drop-in coverage every single day in order to serve students! You're a huge reason our office functions so productively. Well done on your organization, initiative and attention to detail!

---Andrea Ogubi


Danna Whitney- Secretary

Thank you for your support, patience, and flexibility this summer. I appreciate all of the little and big things you did to help Career Services during our time in Walb 214. Thank You!!

---Ashley Calderon

At the last minute, helping me find additional boxes for our office move. I really appreciate your support and kindness during a hectic time.  You are the best! I love my IPFW colleagues!

---Julie Miller


Kasey Price- Assistant Vice Chancellor Student Life and Leadership

Thank you for hosting our Office during the Kettler Construction. I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to make it work during this transition. You are definitely a team player and I respect that.

---Ashley Calderon


Micheala Pattison- Student Service: Help Desk

Thank you for fielding my multiple calls on Monday October 3. I was unable to get several things done due to computer/printer issues. You were so very patient each time and helped me troubleshoot or connected me to the technicians who fixed it. You were very knowledgeable and assertive. Thank you!

---Andrea Ogubi


Ashley Calderon- Director of Career Services

Thanks for all your hard work and calm during this hectic move. You're an awesome boss to work for!

---Kristine O’Brien

The new construction and the Career Services move. Despite the difficulties and hurdles, you championed through it all and lead the office in a great manor! You are an amazing director and we could not possibly have a better one!

---Lynne Koepper

ITS System Administration

Answers any question I have with layman terms and makes sure I understand the process without making me feel uneducated. Great team.

---Mary Nixon


Greg Dent- Maintenance Mechanic

Thank you for helping Career Services with the move back to Kettler. I really appreciate all of the time you spent hanging all of the pictures and items. Thank you!!

---Ashley Calderon


David Zuber- Maintenance Mechanic

Thank you for taking the time to help Career Services with our move back. I know it was extremely time consuming and I really appreciate it.

---Ashley Calderon


Kirk Tolliver- Human Resources Information Manager

When I received a notice from the IRS, looked up my information and gave me advice on what to do.

---Mary Nixon


Michael Pressler- Project Leader: ETCS

Outstanding, detailed work on the FIRST LEGO League state registration through ETCS website. Your support role for outreach is critical and impacts over 250 teams; many who will attend the IPFW Indiana Championship. You technical work makes IPFW's leadership in this STEM activity possible. Your attention to detail and troubleshooting are unsurpassed for more than a decade. Thank you!

---Carol Dostal


James Velez- Assistant Director: Academic Liaison and Community Engagement

James was flexible and more than willing to assist with a last minute campus visit. He stayed late to give prospective students a campus tour and give them a positive experience of the IPFW campus. I am glad I get to work alongside people like James who are willing to go the extra mile for our prospective students.

---Amanda Seilheimer

Tracey Peterson- Business Assistant

Thank you for all of the extra effort to make my new office a very good work environment.  Keys for the cabinets.  Getting the cabinets cut to fit.  Push pin board mounted.  ETC. 

---Marvin Haugk


Liane Ambrose- Banquet Coordinator

Helping out during our office move. Your little helper was a cute distraction during the transition. Thanks a bunch!

---Julie Miller


Leanne Bure- Banquet Coordinator

Your help and support during a hectic office move. Thanks for everything. Teamwork makes the dream work!

---Julie Miller