Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of May 7-13

Mike Van Huisen- Digital Initiatives Assistant

Thank you very much for helping me with the scanner this morning.  I couldn't have done it without you!  --- Deb Haley

Greg Dent- Maintenance Mechanic

Greg often repairs or replaces a broken fixture at ET before we even have a chance to fill out a work order. Bravo and job well done! ---P Houser

Joseph McKenna- Business Manager

Providing Detail on your FMBB Documents!  It makes my job "much" easier.

Thank You!  --- Peggy Speshyock

Nedra Curry- Account Clerk

Summer payroll forms for extra pay for Nursing faculty.  Your professionalism is unmatched.
You are helpful and easy to work with.  Thank you so much. --- Sarah Didier

Ashley Garbacz- Account Clerk

The Bursar's Office is being allowed to use the ISPGA display case in Kettler Hall for the summer months.  Ashley has volunteered to be main person putting the presentation together.  Ashley is doing this while still completing her normal duties.  Thanks for helping the team! --- Paula Alexander

Christa Van De Weg- Business Analysts-Degree 

helping get the Public Policy myBlueprint pages up to code for next fall's graduating class.  You are totally awesome in many ways- not the least of which is your kindness to others.  Thank you so much. --- Leslie Clark

Tanner Clarke- Clerk IV

going above and beyond your normal duties to help the division succeed. You have been happy to pitch in and do special projects with a great attitude and a smile! I am grateful that you are in DCS and enjoy working with you very much. Keep up the great work! You will go far in life. --- Melinda Conley

Rachel E. Hile- Int Chair COM/Assoc Prof

Clarifying the work of USAPaccomplished by writing a courageous report and by sending it to faculty & staff in COAS and beyond. ---Berndt Buldt