Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of June 18 - June 24

Justin Mills - Account Clerk IV

Justin demonstrated excellent customer service recently. A recent graduate of IPFW was to receive a late disbursement of a departmental award and had already moved away. He helped coordinate between COAS and our office as well as the student to get her address information updated. In doing this he helped ensure the student would receive the award in a timely fashion.

--- Leah Mau

Ryan Fahlsing - Computer Technician VIII

Went out of his way to quickly  set up our printers and give us instructions on the best way to set them up.

---Mary Nixon

Grant Cowan - Police Officer VII

Thanks for coming to the Library Services Center to speak with us about what to do if an active shooter came into our area.  You gave us some good suggestions on defending ourselves.  Hopefullly we will never need to use them.

--- Joyce Saltsman