Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of August 20 - August 26

Karen Case- Academic Advisor and Coordinator of Peer Leadership

Was so helpful to me during NSO and is the most positive person I know! A joy to work with!

---Corrie Fox

Brian Spaulding- Computer Technician and Levon McAllister- Manager of Customer Service Center

I heard about what you did and all I could think was AWESOME!   Thank you for your quick response to a faculty need.  It shows your dedication to ensuring our faculty receive the best service and our students receive the best teaching experience.   Much appreciation for your quick response!

---Dimples Smith

Karen Forbess, Information Compensation-HR Coordinator

Compiling lists for the fall mailing of The Association of IPFW Women, especially during the busiest time of the semester.

---Barbara Lloyd

Stephany Alarcon- Program Assistant

Attending to the student who got stung by a bee during breakfast at Welcome Week.  I know I appreciated you taking responsibility for the student and I'm sure the student appreciated your kindness and concern.  Thank you for making students feel loved and for going that extra mile.

---Maria Norman

Julie Yoder- Executive Assistant to the VCAA

For willingly taking on the process of preparing PAs and contracts for our regular faculty and streamlining this process between the departments/dean's office and the Faculty Records/VCAA office. Her dedication is very much appreciated.

---Mary Jane Casiano           

Connie Rosenbloom- Clerk

Helping research vendors for the RFP for Athletic apparel and equipment. Connie is always happy to help! I had asked for 4 contacts...she gave me 5!! Thank you!!

---Pat Rosalez

Lisa Zerkle, Special Events Manager

Going majorly above and beyond to make New Student Orientation a success throughout multiple days, multiple venues, and a few surprises! You are a wonderful example of the IPFW spirit!

---Krissy Creager

Alice Rice, Clerk

Thank you for all of the time and hard work you put in to make the fall 2016 class happen!  Great job!

---Angela Morren

Doreen Crunk, Temporary Clerk- Admissions

Thank you for working extra time and pushing through applications so quickly to get the fall 2016 class in!

---Angela Morren

Sam Pray, Credentials Analyst

Thank you for the extra time and effort you have put in to the transfer credit process as a whole.  Keep up the great work!

---Angela Morren

Laura Zeigler, Assistant Director- Admissions

Thank you for all of your work to get the communications pieces together!

---Angela Morren

Lane Westerfield, Information Clerk

Thank you for being a warm and welcoming first contact for many new IPFW students and visitors. Your work to help bring in the fall 2016 class and other future Dons is greatly appreciated!

---Angela Morren

Pam Boon, Clerk

Thank you for all your work at the front desk, especially through the heavy traffic of August!

---Angela Morren

Sandy Colpean, Clerk

Thank you for all of your hard work, especially during this busy month of August!

---Angela Morren

Cynthia Firestine, Secretary

Thank you for everything you do to keep the Collegiate Connection experience running smoothly for students!

---Angela Morren

Susan Alderman, Marketing Specialist

Coordinating the extensive edits required for the student handbook. It is an arduous task and I appreciate all you do.

---Laural Dailey

Bobbi Shadle, Graphic Designer

I appreciate all of your work on the student handbook. The edits, additions, and revisions were many and they all look great!

---Laural Dailey

Tamara Sorg, Editorial Manager

I appreciate all of your work on reviewing the many edits to the student handbook. Thank you for all you do!

---Laural Dailey

Katie Briner, Lead Graphic Designer

Thank you for creating the great new cover designs for the student handbooks! They look great!

---Laural Dailey

Kathryn Hopkins, Lead Marketing Specialist

Thank you for coordinating the last of the handbook edits for publication!

---Laural Dailey

Alice Rice, Clerk

Going above and beyond in processing applications over the past several months.  Thank you!!

---Laura Zeigler

Doreen Crunk, Temporary Clerk- Admissions

Doreen has been a trooper through the construction and hectic schedule felt by admissions as we get down to the wire on admitting students. Through it all she has kept a positive attitude and has been patience with helping a newbie like me understand the admissions process, even when she would rather not be slowing down to help me understand the process.

---Abigail Schnelker

Alice Rice, Clerk

Alice is awesome, I have learned so much from her as the Newbie to admissions. Being brought on at the most hectic time of the year might have been a crazy idea but her patience and willingness to help me learn has made the transition so much easier.

---Abigail Schnelker

Anthony Mourey, Computer Technician

Setting up new printer:  Anthony was very professional, knowledgeable and polite.  Extremely helpful in setting the printer up and explaining the various settings.

---Stan Davis

Shelby Roberts, Student Clerk

Great Work!  I have noticed how you readily take, catch on, respond to and complete the variety of tasks that come your way.  Love that you have joined our team and I look forward to your working with us! Welcome to our Team!

---Dimples Smith

Nancy Bremer, Copy and Web Editor/ Proofer

Thank you for all your work on the student handbook! I appreciate all you do!!

---Laural Dailey

IPFW Mail Room

Thank you to everyone in the mail room for distributing thousands of handbooks across campus so quickly! I appreciate all you do for this effort on top the workload that you already have.

---Laural Dailey