Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of August 13th - August 19th

Lisa A. Zerkle, Special Events Manager

Assisting in planning events for the week of September 19th, 2016. Everyone else I spoke with repeatedly told me "no", but you offered suggestions, resources, opportunities no one else was willing to. Thank you so much for helping us assist our students on campus!

---Cassandra L Bracht


Becky Notestine, Secretary        

The annual Outreach Report and summer camps. Each year you work extremely hard entering budget details accurately. While doing this you also support our faculty instructors for the Exploration Camps with such a positive attitude. I really appreciate your enthusiasm and support for the summer programs as it allows me to focus on FLL director meetings. Thank you!

---Carol Dostal


Lisa Meriwether, Clerk

Helping arrange for our IDIS classes and enrollment changes. Your work is helping students get the classes that they need.

---Rhonda Meriwether


Tammy Southern, Assistant Registrar-Communications

Helping arrange for our IDIS 110 and IDIS 290 classes.  Your work is helping students get the classes that they need to be successful here at IPFW.

---Rhonda Meriwether


Juanita Derrick- Clerk

Thanks for your help in processing Academic Renewal forms. Your work is allowing student to get a fresh start as they return back to IPFW.

---Rhonda Meriwether


Kim Myers- Academic Advisor

Creating and developing the new IDIS 110 and 290 course. Your hard work will help conditionally admitted students make a successful transition to IPFW.

---Rhonda Meriwether

Ashley Garbacz- Account Clerk

A student and their father were having difficulties with the student account. Ashley stepped in and helped them understand everything that was going on and solved the issue. They were very thankful for her being understanding and helpful.

---Justin Mills


IT Help Desk

A Big Thanks for all your help in helping new and returning students set and reset their passwords.

P.S Thanks for also helping me when I run into problems with my computer. I appreciate all your work.    :)

---Rhonda Meriwether


Angela Morren- Operations Assistant

Switching student's pathways. This work helped students identify their requirements for graduation by allowing them to accurately pull up their major pathway in their myBLUEprint.

---Rhonda Meriwether


Robert Snyder- Police Officer

This morning (8/19/6) I witnessed Robert picking up some trash in front of RMC as students were arriving for Orientation. He didn't do it for recognition or because he thought someone was watching, it just needed doing. This small act represents one of the things that makes this campus community so special.

Thanks Rob.

---Mark Tulley



Student Success and Transitions

Walk-in advising and orientation during August! Way to go team!

---Alison Rynearson



Tanya Riveron, Student Service User Tech

Tanya went above and beyond with my request to create a Wordpress website with a special URL. She gave me tips on how to get the project moving along (since it was time sensitive) and kept checking back with me to see if there were updates, just to make sure I was being taken care of. In the middle of a very stressful time, Tanya was just amazing, and I really, really appreciate it.

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Aaron Hilton, Network Systems Administrator

Aaron walked me through the process of choosing a Wordpress option and creating a special IPFW domain. He was constantly patient with me and my million questions. He even offered to start another ticket for me on a completely unrelated project. Of all the positive experiences I've had with ITS, this one was by far the best I've ever had. THANK YOU AARON!!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Lynne Koepper- Assessment Coordinator

Great job with the First Destination Survey. You passed your goal = 68% = Congratulations!!! So excited to share this data with the University!

---Ashley Calderon


Cassandra Antos- Academic Advisor

Thanks for your work in testing the new IDIS 110 course. Your work will help conditionally admitted students as they transition from high school student to successful college student.

---Rhonda Meriwether


Paula Rice, Secretary

If being generally awesome were sufficient, you'd receive a Ripples Award every month. However, this award is about individual actions that are exemplary. As such I wish to recognize you for creating a number of documents that will help us to better track our students, admitted, active, stop-out, etc. Your efforts on behalf of our department, its students and faculty, is sincerely appreciated!

---Bernd Buldt