Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

September 16 - September 22

Laura Zeigler – Assistant Director of Enrollment Management & University Scholarship

Thank you for helping to step in today when others were not able to. I so appreciate your teamwork and willingness to assist. My day had less anxiety in it because I knew you had the situation handled.

---James Velez


Janice Mitchell – Account Clerk

helping me understand my new role in payroll. You are always patient and helpful in assisting me in the payroll process. No matter how many times I ask a question, sometimes the same one in a week, you are willing to assist me and no matter how many times I get a form incorrect, you are always there to help me get it right the next time....thank you for your patience during my training period.

---Amy Tatman


Rachel Gibson – Secretary

Thank you for always helping me out when asked and always with a smile. Thank you for all you do when asked.

---Rita Reed