Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

November 25th - December 1st

Maureen Linvill – Assistant Director of International Student Services

Thank you for writing the guide for international students! Your efforts are always much appreciated :)

---Meg Underwood


Jamie Sandy – Assistant Director of International Programs

You've done a great job so far with study abroad recruiting and events! Thanks for taking everything on with a smile and an "ok!" IPFW is lucky to have you.

---Meg Underwood


Christa Van De Weg – Business Analyst

Thanks for all your tireless efforts with MyBlueprint. You and Crystal have done a lot more than we can even realize. You're always so quick to respond and to help.

---Meg Underwood


Melinda Woods – Secretary

Thank you with helping me so much in my first semester here in Ed Studies. We really notice it when you're not here! I really appreciate your efforts and patience with me as I learn.

---Meg Underwood


James Beard – Director of Ed Plan and Info Center (EPIC)

Thanks for a great first few months in the EPIC office. I appreciate you answering my endless questions. So glad I get to work here.

---Meg Underwood


Suzan Kersey High – Lead Custodian

Finding my son's school pictures in the parking lot and making the extra effort to make sure they got back to me! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

---Kerrie Fineran


Regina Gordon – Program Assistant

I appreciate your passion and patience helping faculty and staff with learning class climate. I appreciate how organized you are with our events planning and organization.

---Xiaokai Jia


Stephanie Lehto – Secretary

Stephanie's expertise in computer work is greatly and whole-heartedly appreciated. Her willingness to help me when it isn't part of her job description is worth 100 ripples! Thank you Stephanie!

---Alice Jordan-Miles


Judy Graf – Library Clerk

All the rush orders I've been sending you. I know you are swamped with the change over and here I am dumping RUSH orders on you and you never the less manage to get them ordered in record time. Thank you from me, and from my faculty.

---Shannon Johnson