Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

December 2nd - December 8th

Laural Dailey – VC of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Thank you for providing available options for communicating a new policy to students.

---Cheryl Hine


Sharon Parnin – Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology

Thank you Sharon for connecting more than 70 students with our office this week and taking time out of class to talk about spring registration. This is one small thing among many, many efforts you do for our students every week! IPFW & Ed Studies is lucky to have you.

---Meg Underwood


Michele Shawver – Assistant Director – Honors

Michele is awesome! She's always so helpful with my multitude of last minute, often poorly worded requests. I really appreciate her patience and consistently positive attitude. Thanks Michele!

---Jessica Neuenschwander


Amy Jagger – HR Generalist

I appreciate the special effort you took to help me procure my Visa to Spain. You went out of your way to make sure I had the correct documentation in as little time as possible. You were kind and supportive during a stressful couple of days, and I really appreciate it. Thank you, Amy!

---Nancy Virtue


Allyson Schreiber – Director of Academic Administrative Business Services

I appreciate the special effort you've made, over a period of several weeks, to help me work through the various financial details of my upcoming trip to Spain. You've been extremely helpful and generous with your time and knowledge. I really appreciate all that you've done, Allyson.

---Nancy Virtue


Ashley Aasen – Student Worker

I would like to thank you for installing a longer Ethernet cord for one of our Call Center advisors. By installing the longer cord you allowed her to work comfortably in her area. You took the extra step to leave her a note, and an email to make sure she knew that the situation had been addressed and corrected. We appreciate the entire department, with their friendly and prompt service!

---Jennifer Krause


CELT Staff

I wanted to thank the CELT staff for all they have done to support me this year. I know it could not have been easy filling in for me when it was needed. You all have gone above and beyond what a team player means to the department. May the next year bring us many successes and let's continue the excellent teamwork we have in our department.

---Regina Gordon


Christa Van De Weg – Business Analyst

Thank you for explaining and providing recommendations on curriculum issues at an impromptu meeting. You were very generous with your time, given the unexpected nature of the request. The depth of understanding shared at the meeting was impressive.

---Cheryl Hine