Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

December 16th - January 5th

Brenda Blazier – Secretary

Assisting with Admissions. Your willingness to help me with admitting graduate students. You are always looking for ways to assist me and you never complain when I ask for help. You make the workplace sunny and happy with your positive attitude. Thank you for bringing that into our office.

---Susan Humphrey


Patricia Bodinka-Gibson – Account Clerk

Getting time-critical year-end billing out before the campus shut down for the year. This demonstrated the I in the initiative to make things better and the E for the excellence in service. I cannot say enough good things about your efforts here.

---Rachel Blakeman


John Kaufeld – Social Media Manager

I sent a message on FB regarding a few questions I had about financial aid and bursar office. I got a response with a lot of information and John kept following up with me making sure I got everything taken care of. This is the type of person that needs to be in charge of social media relations. Thanks

---Tim Embry


Vanessa Mettler – Manager of Pay, Benefits & Wellness

Vanessa came in during the winter recess to meet an employee, accept their repayment check and then Fed Ex it to us in West Lafayette - all of which had to occur by 12/31/17 - so the repayment could be reflected on the employee's 2017 W-2. In the brutal cold and snowy weather, she went above and beyond for this employee!

---Rochelle Greer


Paula Reed- OAC Clerk

Thank you for arranging all the 2nd grade classrooms for dental health presentations by the junior dental hygiene class!

---Nancy Mann