Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity
Annual Online Training - Foundations to Workplace Success

Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity is committed to helping our employees be successful. Foundations to Workplace Success is a training program designed to support the Claims Mitigation Program by providing employees with important information to help them make informed decisions in a variety of situations. This program consists of five online training modules that all employees are required to complete. 

Please follow these steps to complete your training:

1. To access the online training modules, please go to:


2. You will need your Purdue Career Account username and password. If you do not have this information, please contact the IT Services Helpdesk at (260)481-6030.

3. Once you log in, you will see this:

first pic

4. Click on IPFW Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity. You will see this:

List of quizzes

5. As a new employee, you are required to complete all of the modules listed. Each year, you will receive an email reminding you that it is time to take the training again for all of the modules except Respect Boundaries.  The three Respect Boundaries modules only need to be completed once. You can click that same link for the Title IX Mandatory Reporter Training as well.

6. After you click on the module you wish to complete, you will see a registration screen:

Registration screen

7. Click on the green “Take Certification” box. There may be a screen that follows asking for additional information.  Complete the missing information and hit continue if this occurs.

8. Once this registration process is complete, you will receive an email that contains the link to the training module:

Confirmation Email

9. Click on the link in your email to go to Blackboard and complete the training.  Clicking the link will take you here: 

Blackboard Login

10. Login to Blackboard using your Purdue Career Account information. Once you are logged in, you will see this screen:

Blackboard Home Page

11. Click on the module you registered to complete, then you will see this screen:

WebCert Content

12. Press play to view the video. After you have watched the video, click the Quiz link to complete the quiz.  Please be aware that when answering the questions, there can be more than one right answer, and the question will be marked as incorrect unless you select all of the possible right answers.

13. When you have successfully completed the module, you will receive a confirmation email:

certification complete


*All employees must complete the following five modules:

  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Crisis Response
  • FMLA and Leaves
  • Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment
  • Wage and Hour

*Click here to take Respect Boundaries 1,2,3 and Title IX Training (only necessary if you have been notified to complete these)

If you have any questions about the training, or you experience technical issues, please contact us at (260)481-6840.