Honors Program

The Honors Advantage

The IPFW Honors Experience

The IPFW Honors Program is a place where students and faculty gather to become fully engaged in the pursuit of scholarship. The Honors program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that encourages high-achieving, talented, students to pursue various pathways to excellence including research and creative endeavors, international studies, service, and community engagement.  The program is designed for motivated students who want to make the most of their higher education through an enriched academic experience.  


One of the most rewarding aspects of participating in the Honors Program is developing connections with fellow students, faculty members, and visiting scholars. Honors students are invited to a variety of cultural and social events and special honors program events and receptions. The frequent intellectual and social interactions with other motivated honors students and faculty help build a “feeling of belonging” to the IPFW academic community and foster lifelong relationships with honors students from other majors and programs. The Honors Student Group won the Outstanding Student Group of IPFW Award in 2006. Honors students enjoy access to state of the art honors classrooms, a computer center, and a study lounge.



The Honors Program is a place where talented students and faculty energize the university’s academic life through the sharing of ideas and engagement in scholarly debate. Small classes with similarly motivated students, taught by outstanding faculty encourage creative interaction within an active learning environment.

The heart of the IPFW Honors Program is the intellectually challenging curriculum. Many Honors courses are designed to fulfill General Education outcomes. Honors courses encourage experiential learning, independent learning opportunities, and the ability to personalize the curriculum. Through honors course work, students will hone the skills that can help them achieve success in professional and academic environments.

Students who take advantage of pursuing undergraduate research and creative endeavors under the guidance of a faculty mentor or pursue independent research, have a distinct advantage in the competitive process for admission to graduate and professional (law, medicine, business) schools. With guidance from discipline-specific faculty members, all of our honors students pursuing an honors certificate are required to complete a senior capstone research or creative endeavor project before graduation.

The Honors Senior Project offers students the opportunity to engage in advanced research in their own discipline or develop an interdisciplinary research project or creative endeavor under the direction of expert faculty mentors. Students present their findings at an annual Honors Showcase and are encouraged to prepare their work for publication in discipline-appropriate venues. The completion of the capstone project distinguishes our students and prepares them for real-world application in their respective fields.



The Honors Program offers comprehensive, one-on-one advising provided from both discipline-specific faculty and honors program staff, with personalized attention to student needs and academic interests.



In addition to the general and merit scholarships offered by the University and received by several honors students, the IPFW Honors Program offers additional opportunities for academic scholarship. Students are eligible to apply for funds to support honors research and creative endeavor projects, summer research grants, international travel and study abroad, conference travel to present research at regional, national, and international professional conferences, internships, and other academic enrichment opportunities.


Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Honors students have the opportunity to engage in community service, undergraduate research and creative endeavors, Honors Program sponsored events, cultural and social events, and special events hosted by the Chancellor. Among the unique leadership opportunities available to Honors students is the ability to serve as student representatives on the faculty Honors Program Council.


Students in the Honors Program enjoy several benefits including:

  • Priority registration which allows for wider selection of course offerings
  • Extended library check out privileges
  • Unique opportunities for social interaction with distinguished faculty members
  • Assistance in applying for prestigious scholarships
  • Acknowledgement at commencement
  • Access to quiet study rooms that can be booked through http://ipfwhonorsprogram.simplybook.me/

Can I Join?

To participate in the honors program in your first year, you need to meet one of the following: 

  • top 10% of your high school class
  • 650 SAT score in writing, critical thinking or mathematics
  • 1800 combined SAT score
  • 27 ACT scoreClimbing the Academic Pyramid

If you are a current student at IPFW, you can participate by having one of the following:

  • 3.3 cumulative GPA after 12 GPA related credit hours at IPFW
  • 3.5 transfer GPA (if fewer than 12 credit hours at IPFW)


Since most people can apply honors credits towards their major or minor, completing these requirements often takes no extra time at IPFW. To help schedule your time here, you can contact a peer advisor.

Honors Pin

Honors PinThe Honors Pin is awarded to those that have completed nine hours of coursework and have maintained a 3.3 GPA overall. The pin reflects the hard work that has been invested in the Honors Program and also signals that the student is halfway through the program requirements.

Honors Certificate and Medal

MedalThis pair of awards shows that you have completed the program and the significance in the level of education that you completed. The requirements are as follows:

  • 18 credit hours of honors coursework
  • Honors coursework that represents at least two different disciplines
  • Of the 18 credit hours, three credits must be at the 300-level or above
  • Of the 18 credit hours, three credits must be in the student's major
  • 3.5 GPA overall
  • The Honors Project