Honors Program

Project Presenters

Haley Hunter

Title: “Inmate Dog-Training Program”

Major:  Accounting

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rachel Rayburn (Public Policy)

External Reviewer: Dr. David Schuster (History)

Honors Program Council Liaison:  Susan Anderson (Library)


Haley Hunter is in her third year at IPFW and is pursing bachelor degrees in Criminal Justice and Accounting.  She is a member of the Accounting Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Gamma Sigma, and the IPFW Cheerleading Team.  Haley plans on attending law school after graduation.


This project explored programs in which individuals under supervision with correctional institutions work with animals at risk for euthanasia.  These programs allow inmates to contribute to society rather than simply spend their time behind bars wasting away.  In addition, they give prisoners a chance to learn social and workplace skills that may help them find a job and allow them to transition back into society smoothly.  Finally, animals that might be euthanized are given a second chance as well since they become more adoptable when professionally trained.  The ultimate objective of this project was to see if these programs are effective and if so, how Allen County could implement a similar program.  This project contributes to the field of criminal justice by exploring alternative options for prison reform.