Athletic Compliance

Athletic Advising

Student-Athletes work with their Athletic Advisor and their Academic Advisor, to find classes that will work best to fulfill their graduation goals and NCAA standards for eligibility.  They keep in contact with Coaches, Instructors, Tutors, etc. to provide the best experience possible for the Student-Athlete.


Through the year the Athletic Advisor will help the Student-Athlete with the various forms needed to succeed.


Missed Class Worksheets                         

Filled out during week 1, or as soon as possible.  Designed to enable Student-Athletes to communicate clearly with their instructors about course work, class meetings, etc, that may be missed as a result of the team’s travel/competition schedule. 


Registration and Planning Guide            

Starting in week 3.  Meetings with the Athletic Advisor and Academic Advisor help with class Selection.  Student-Athletes must be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more) to remain eligible.  The MAP Center receives notice if a Student-Athlete falls below 12 cr hrs and will contact the student and/or coach to resolve the issue. 


Grade Checks                                              

Starting approximately week 5 of the semester instructors are asked to provide a preliminary grade for Student-Athletes.

 For more info see Grade Checks.







Four Year Planning Guide                         

Freshmen will receive this form in their HPER class.  It is a guide to help them plan classes needed for graduation in their Major. 


PASS Appointments                                   

Freshmen, Transfers and Student-Athletes with a GPA under 2.5 are required to make PASS appointments with their Athletic Advisor.  An Advising Contract is signed for regular appointments to review grades and academic progress.

 For more info see PASS Program.


SALT (Student-Athlete Leadership Team)                                                                     

SALT members actively promote the participation of their teams in many IPFW University events. 

For more info see SALT (Student Athlete Leadership Team).


Study Tables                                                

Freshmen, Transfers and Student-Athletes with a GPA under 2.5 are required to attend monitored Study Tables.

 For more info see Study Tables.