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Strategic Planning Survey from CHORUS Group

Vicky Carwein, August 2013

Dear Campus Community,

As a follow up to the email sent at the end of July which outlined the process for developing the 2020 strategic plan, you (every faculty and staff member) received this morning a survey from CHORUS, Inc., the facilitator we have engaged to assist us in data collection. The survey will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and I encourage everyone who wishes to provide input into the 2020 strategic plan to do so. The survey must be returned by August 29 in order to allow sufficient time to summarize the results.

The summary data from these surveys will be included with the input from the spring forums led by Dean Drummond and data collected over the summer from community leaders, employers, businesses, community agencies.

I appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey and for providing thoughtful responses.  Your input will help determine and direct the university toward its future. This is the first time IPFW has undertaken such a massive solicitation of input from such a large number of stakeholders in developing our strategic plan.  The richness of input gathered from this approach will provide us with invaluable information as we prepare to begin writing the plan this fall. 

Thank you again for your input.