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2020 Strategic Planning Process Update

Vicky Carwein, July 2013

Dear Campus Community,

Last spring, we launched an effort to create the 2014-2020 strategic plan for IPFW. During the course of the semester, input was gathered from many faculty and staff via several forums led by Dean Carl Drummond, co-chair of this effort. Throughout this process, it became readily apparent that the types and sheer volume of data and information we need to collect for the plan would be very time-consuming. Furthermore, it would be very difficult, if not impossible, for a small number of people to do this.

After discussion with the planning leadership team, we chose to engage a facilitator to assist with our data collection process. Fortuitously, the timing of our data collection aligns with the needs of the legislative committee that is meeting this summer to study regional campuses in Indiana and specifically IPFW. The Fort Wayne community, through the Regional Partnership, has been asked by the legislative study committee to supply information to the committee about the region and its needs, and we have been able to leverage that request for information in support of our data collection needs.  Additionally, the Partnership and other community entities will be sharing in the cost of the facilitator.

The facilitator selected to assist with our data collection, CHORUS, Inc., has worked with several of our regional partner organizations and recently assisted the Indiana State Chamber of Commerce in their strategic planning. The facilitator will not be writing the plan or determining our priorities, but will be conducting interviews and surveys of members of the campus community and will be summarizing the data collected. We will then utilize those data to write our strategic plan.

Over the next few days and weeks a number of faculty and staff (some of you may have already been contacted) will be contacted by CHORUS to schedule an interview of 45-90 minutes in length. Questions will be open ended and you will be asked "to talk about" your vision and ideas of what IPFW should be and how it should grow and develop into the future.

We will continue to engage the campus community in the strategic planning process and communication about our progress will be sent out regularly. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact me or Carl about the process.

It is also likely the deadline for the completed plan by December 31 will be extended.  The richness and depth of input already obtained, and anticipated as data continue to be collected, signal that additional time will be needed to assure a thorough and complete analysis of this information.   Nothing less than a high quality plan that accurately reflects our discussions and future goals is acceptable.  We will take the time necessary to achieve this.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in our strategic planning effort.