Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching

Teaching and Learning Strategies: Technology

The following holdings are available for checkout from our office:

Boschmann, E. & Borgman, L. (1997). Technology success stories: Using technology to enhance teaching and learning at IUPUI. 2nd ed. Indianapolis, IN: Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Development Office, IUPUI.

Maier, P., Barnett, L., Warren, A. & Brunner, D. (1998). Using technology in teaching and learning.  Stirling, VA: Kogan Page Limited.

Millichap, N. (1999). Enhancements: How using technology changes what faculty do: A collaboration of articles by Indiana Higher Education faculty. Indianapolis, IN: Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education.

Oblinger, D. G. & Rush, S. C. (1997).  The learning revolution:  The challenge of information technology in the academy.  Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Co.

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