AmbassaDON photos

Images from AmbassaDON end-of-year celebration, summer retreat, monthly leadership development sessions, and IPFW events:

Mad Anthony Children's Hope House Gala - September 22, 2016

ADON Childrens Hope House Gala

Omnibus Lecture with Jeb Bush - September 8, 2016


YMCA Community Service during 2016 Summer Retreat

YMCA Downtown - Painting

Ice Breaker - Summer Retreat 2016

Ice Breaker 1

Summer Retreat 2015

IPFW Family Picnic 2015

IPFW Family Picnic 2014

IPFW Family Picnic 2014

Faculty & Staff Welcome Reception, August 2014

Welcome Back Reception 2014

2013-2014 Second Year ADON's with Chancellor Carwein

2013-2014 2nd year ADONS

2013 End of Year Celebration with Chancellor Carwein

2013 End of year celebration

More IPFW Events, ADON Training, and more!

Adons Pink Out

With workers

Monthly Training

essential piece group

Adons at training

Adons at retreat

Group activity










Adons at Homecoming

3 Adon women at training

July community service project:
AmbassaDONS volunteer @ the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo picking weeds, clearing out habitats, and enjoying the sun & animals!

Group @ the Zoo


Working with the birds

Group with Pelicans

Registrar with Monkey

October community service project:
AmbassaDONS volunteer @ the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo's
"Wild Zoo Halloween"

Costumes @ the Zoo  Cowgirls at the ZooHalloween Adon Group

Adon temp tattoos

Handing out Candy

December community service project:
AmbassaDONS adopted 2 Fort Wayne families for the holidays.
Adons and presents