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Two Memberships for the Price of One:  Connect with fellow alumni and enjoy special benefits by joining the IPFW Alumni Association.  Dues provide funding for various programs and services the IPFW Alumni association offers, as well as for alumni scholarships, affinity programming, local alumni chapters, and schools and colleges.  Those who join the IPFW Alumni Association also get to enjoy many benefits including invitations to special events, Gates Sports Center and Alumni Center discounts, discounts at the IPFW bookstore, eligibility for scholarships for your spouse or children, career counseling, and IPFW spirit items.  You also receive the added benefit of dual-membership in the alumni association of your main university campus as well.

If you earned a Purdue degree from IPFW, you will become a dual-member of the IPFW Alumni Association when you join the Purdue University Alumni Association.  Click here to join the IPFW and Purdue Alumni Associations for one price. Click here to visit the Purdue University Alumni Association Membership Page.

If you earned an IU degree from IPFW, you will become a dual-member of the IPFW Alumni Association when you join the Indiana University Alumni Association.  Click here to join the IPFW and IU Alumni Associations for one price Click here to visit the Indiana University Alumni Association Membership Page.

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Each graduate, former student, current student, and friend of IPFW has a lifelong connection to the university. At the IPFW Alumni Association, we help forge these connections into ongoing, engaging relationships with the university.

Read the testimonials of graduates who have pledged their support of the IPFW Alumni Association:

  • I love IPFW! My time at IPFW was instrumental in shaping the leader I've become. Because of those foundatinal experiences, I want to give my time back to the University, and the best way I know how to do that is to be involved in the Alumni Association as a board member as well as a donor. - Denice B., '94 BME, Music Education (Current Board President - IPFW Alumni Association)

  • Being a part of the IPFW Alumni Association gives me the opportunity to give a little back to the university – but mainly to have some fun with some great people at events like the Mastodon Roast, Homecoming, and July 4th! - Steve F., B.S. ’90, Marketing 

  • I was selected as the Purdue Class Representative for 99-2000 - even though I was 50!  I was proud of my personal achievement as a returning adult student and wanted to represent other non-traditional students. I continued to serve on the Alumni Board for professional and personal development - and the friendships and networking are a wonderful bonus! Through local board service, I had the unique opportunity to serve on the Purdue Alumni Board and represent IPFW. Believe me, I made some 'noise' down there to get IPFW the recognition they deserve as a major regional campus! - Sandy M., A.S. '92. Organizational Leadership and Supervision; B.S. ’98, Organizational Leadership and Supervision  

  • I am a lifetime member of the Alumni Association, because the years I spent living and breathing IPFW as a student will always be with me. I want to see the university through its growth, change, and transformation. As each year passes, my loyalty to IPFW as an alum continues to grow. It's been wonderful to be a contributor to the Alumni Association Board of Directors, because it gives graduates a chance to take already great things and make them even better for alumni and IPFW's current students of today. - Andrew W., B.A. ’00, Media and Public Communication; B.S. ’03, Business Management and Administration