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Ralph E. Broyles Medal

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The medal honors former Chancellor, Ralph E. Broyles and is presented annually by the Alumni Association of Indiana University for "unique and significant contributions" to IPFW. Recipients must be and IU graduate of any campus and may not currently be employed by the university.  Recipients:  1975, Walter E. Helmke; 1976, John N. Pichon, Jr.; 1977, Jeanne S. Miller; 1978, Harriet S. Inskeep; 1979, Carolyn P. Gutman; 1980, Walter P. Helmke; 1981, Bill C. Anthis; 1982, Ruth D. Swank; 1983, Robert E. A'Hearn; 1984, Beverly A. Richard; 1985, Thelburn Laroy Engle; 1986, Lawrence Lee; 1987, Edgar F. Kettler; 1988, Janet Iden Kamdar; 1989, Marjorie Person; 1990, Ralph G. Schimmele; 1991, William F. McNagny; 1992, Jerry Fox; 1993, Joseph Morrow; 1994, none awarded; 1995, Rebecca L. Teagarden; 1996, Robert E. Wise; 1997; Phillip O'shaughnessy; 1998, Franklin Bryan; 1999, Elizabeth Heine; 2000, Paul Helmke; 2001, Dr. David Matthews; 2002, Linda S. Balthaser; 2003, Richard G. Inskeep.

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