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Harbor Arbor Days

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Initiated in 1965, Harbor Arbor Days was referred to in 1969 as "Ft. Wayne's only large-scale college weekend." Events included a pop concert, a tree planting ceremony, games (tug-of-war, canoe race, faculty-student relay races, road rally, river float regatta) and concluded with a formal dance. The event was held in the Spring. The exact year when it was discontinued is uncertain, but it appears to have been held annually into the early 1980's. In 2004 there was an attempt to revive the tradition, but it failed for lack of interest. The spelling varied throughout the years in various student newspaper articles, memos, and publicity information. The earliest spelling found was in a formal memo from the chair of the event in which it was written as "Harbararbar." It is unknown if the unique spelling was intentional. The origin of the word is unclear as well, but one might assume it was related to "harbor" events on the St. Joseph River on, or around, Arbor Day.

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