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1968, oil portraits of Floyd R. Neff and Ralph E. Broyles; 1969, Aquarius Park; 1970-1971, silver tea service; 1972, a tapestry for the library (q.v. "Seeds of Learning Become a Tree of Knowledge"); 1973, books for the library; 1974, display case for the mastodon bones; 1975, library furnishing for the paperback browsing area; 1977, initial development of the Geogarden; 1978 and 1980, Sundial in the Geogarden; 1981 and 1983, further development of the Geogarden; 1982 boulders and rocks for the Geogarden; 1984, 1990 and 1995, campus entry markers; 1985, contribution to the student emergency loan fund; 1987, a CD-ROM workstation for the library; 1988, sculpture for lobby entrance to the new fine and performing arts complex; 1989, Disabled Student Services Equipment; 1991, endowment of a part-time student scholarship fund; 1992, funds for the library endowment; 1993, creation of an endowed scholarship fund; 1994, waterfall (not yet built) and contributions to a scholarship fund; 1995, $20,000 for a campus identification sign to be located at the new Crescent Avenue entrance; 1996, equipment for career services and engraved bricks on Chessboard outside Walb Student Union; 1998, communication package for deaf students; 2000, Clock outside Engineering building.
Sources: Current (June 1996), pp. 12-13; Alumni Newsletter (June 1998), p.4.

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