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The student newspaper of the Indiana University Center published its first issue on December 12, 1947.  The first two issues were mailed to all Indiana University Center students who were enrolled for courses.  To continue receiving the bi-weekly paper one was asked to pay a fifty-cent subscription fee.  The staff members were Betty Pruden, editor; Al Moellering, business manager; Joyce Tindall,  news editor; Jean Mingus, managing editor; Glen Mohler, sports editor; Robert Rummel, circulation; Alvin Haley, feature editor and Jack Rollins, make up editor.  Dr. Sylvia Bowman was the advisor.  The second issue was mis-dated as 1947 instead of 1948.
Source:  I.U. X-Ray, volume 1, no. 2 (December 12, 1947), 1 and (January 16, 1947, i.e. 1948), 1.

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