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Student Legacy 25th Anniversary Sculpture

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Student Legacy 25th Anniversary Sculpture

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Located on the north side of the Classroom-Medical Building the sculpture was designed by IPFW student Jodi P. Boyden to commemorate the 25th anniversary of IPFW in 1989.  The work represents birthday candles and is made up of 25 colorful metal cylinders surrounding a smaller cylinder with a slanted face bearing a 25th anniversary insignia. A sidewalk encircles the sculpture. The contest was conceived by Scott Kellenberger, freshman psychology major. who chaired the project and was aided by Ingrid Laidroo and Troy Bussen of the Students Government.  The winning sculpture was selected by a panel of judges for the Class Legacy Challenge. The judges were Eugene Hatke, Allen Sheldon, James Miller and Dianna Thornhill Miller. Criteria advisor was Matthew Kubik and Leonard P. Iaquinta assisted in the fund-raising campaign.  The Students Government provided cash prizes for first place ($250), second place ($100) and third place ($50). William D. Mauritzen won second place and Ms. Boyden won third prize for a second sculpture that was not built.
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