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Peace Pole

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Peace Pole

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Erected near the Friends Pavilion in Aquarius Park the structure was put in place in 1996 and was a result of the collaborative efforts of the Diversity Council and the Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies Program.  Funded by the office of Chancellor Michael Wartell, the pole has the words "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in all of the languages taught at IPFW and Braille. Four large rocks from a local quarry were donated, each rock pointing in a different direction (north, south, east and west). The site forms a Medicine Wheel in the Native American tradition. The purpose of the medicine Wheel is to help people remember the strengths that are needed for the journey to becoming a human being. The directions are represented by color, animal and philosophy with tribal variations.  It is used for various events including those held during Diversity Week. The pole was made by a company in Michigan.
Source:  Stepping-Stones to the Future; a Self-Guided Walking Tour.

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