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Chief Executive Officers of IPFW

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Since the two campuses were established a variety of titles have been used by each university. In July, 1974, the campus was unified under a single Chancellor.

1915-1916 IU Listed as Extension out of Bloomington
1917 IU Frank W. Shockley (for several months only)
1942-1947 PU Conwell J. Poling
1943-1944 IU Robert Emmet Cavanaugh, Director of Extension Division, IUPUI
1917-1951 IU Floyd Ralph Neff, Executive Secretary of Fort Wayne Center
1947-1960 PU Richard M. Bateman
1951-1960 IU Ralph E. Broyles, Director of Fort Wayne Center
1960-1965 PU R. L. Ewigleben, Director
1966-1967 PU D. Richard Smith, Director
1967-1968 PU D. Richard Smith, Dean and Director
1968-1970 IU
Ralph E. Broyles, Dean and Acting Chancellor
D. R. Smith, Dean and Director
1970-1971 IU
Ralph E. Broyles, Chancellor
Lawrence O. Nelson, Interim Dean and Director
1971-1974 IU Ralph E. Broyles, Chancellor
1971-1974 PU Roger J. Manges, Dean and Director

In the academic year 1975-1976, the campus was unified under a single chancellor.

1974-1978 Donald Schwartz, Chancellor
1978 Francis T. Borkowski(Summer only, Acting Chancellor)
1978-1979 Dwight F. Henderson, Acting Chancellor
1979-1984 Joseph P. Giusti, Chancellor
1984-1986 Edward A. Nicholson, Acting Chancellor
1986-1988 Thomas Wallace, Chancellor
1988-1994 Joanne B. Lantz, Chancellor
1994- Michael A. Wartell, Chancellor

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