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The award was established in 1990 as a memorial to John P. Ulmer, dean of students from 1965 to 1988. The recipient receives a plaque designed by Hector Garcia at the annual honors convocation. It is awarded to a person or persons or organization associated with the university community for significant service to assist disabled persons or minority group members who are members of the university community. Recipients:  1990, Lawrence J. Life; 1991, Louis Cantor; 1992, Betty J. Poignard; 1993, David Skelton; 1994, Phillip A. Kennell; 1995, Charles Washington; 1996, Marcia Tapp-Sanders; 1997, David Brennan and Ed Moritz; 1998, Albino M. Perez, Jr. ; 1999, Patrick Ashton; 2000, Donald Smith; 2001, Frank Borelli; 2002, June Townsend; 2004, Rachelle Darabi.

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