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Administrative Excellence Award

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The purpose of the cash award is to honor an outstanding administrative staff member for excellence in job performance, excellence in service and/or outstanding contributions to the university. The first award was given in 1987. Members of the Administrative Staff Council are eligible. Recipients: 1987, Paul A. Strouts; 1988, Tony L. Yoder; 1989, Judith Trikones Wilkins; 1990, Beverly J. Bolinger; 1991, Michael F. O'Hear; 1992, Nancy A. Hobbs; 1993, Gary D. Steffen; 1994, Laura J. Herbrand; 1995, Randall E. Borst; 1996, Martha J. Weatherford; 1997, Linda L. Scott; 1998; Larry W. Brown; 1999, Philip Davich; 2000, Daniel L. Gebhart; 2001, Barbara Ostrowski; 2002, Nancy J. Leinbach; 2003, Diana S. Burns.

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