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Honorary degrees

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The following honorary degrees have been granted by IPFW since 1971: 1971, Alfred W. Kettler, Sr.; 1973, Walter Edward Helmke; 1975, Christopher Eugene Schenkel; 1976, Holman Hamilton; 1979, Karl William Detzer; 1982, E. Ross Adair; 1984, Robert L. Ewigleben and Bill Blass; 1985, Paul E. Shaffer; 1986, Henry F. Rood and Sylvia E. Bowman; 1987, Ian M. Rolland; 1988, Levan R. Scott and Hilliard Gates; 1989, Jeanne S. Miller; 1990, Walter Paul Helmke and Mary Elizabeth Mitchell; 1991, Richard T. Doermer; 1992, Allen Caruthers Steere, Jr. and Don A. Wolf; 1993, J. Edward Roush and Barbara Burt; 1994, Harriet Sweedler Miller, Carl D. Rolfsen, and Joanne B. Lantz; 1995, David S. Ridderheim, Jr. and Mark E. Neely, Jr.; 1996, Carolyn Prickett Gutman, Harriet Simmons Inskeep, and Eugene E. Parker; 1998, William A. Black and Maynard J. Mansfield; 1999, John F. McMillen; 2000, E. Sharon Banks and Maclyn T. Parker; 2001, James E. Kelley and Lawrence H. Lee; 2002, Evangelos Coufoudakis and M. James Johnston; 2003, Michael Joseph Mirro and William James Hefner; 2004, Elizabeth W. Chapman, Howard L. Chapman, and Donald R. Willis; 2005, Richard D. Waterfield

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