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Pride Plus Award

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Initiated in 1989 the award is sponsored by the staff organization for clerical and service employees.  Recipients: 1989, Patricia J. Bogel and Edward E. Schmitt; 1990, Cheryl L. Wolever and Jerald J. Diehl; 1991, Lauren Denhartog and Barbara A. Maloney; 1992, James Henderson and Norma J. Snodgrass; 1993, Marjorie E. Heider and John A. Gruse; 1994, Gladys G. Thiele and Allen W. Peters; 1995, Ronald R. Pequinot and Eileen L. Dini; 1996, Darlene F. Bender and Ruby H. Gunkel; 1997, Neva Beerbower and Aaron K. Moore; 1998, Elaine M. Weber and Ronald D. Grove; 1999, Jana J. Williams and Charles R. Showalter; 2000, Anna Sevier and Dennis W. Shadle; 2001, Amy C. Wilson and Ezel A. Smith; 2002, E. Louise Misegades and Jeffrey W. Davis; 2003, Paula Reed and Arlis Le Master; 2004, Shirley Champion and M. Barry Wygant; 2005, Debra Haley and Robert Brooks.

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