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Indiana Landscape

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The mural composed of tiles placed in concrete on the south wall of the auditorium of Neff Hall is titled "Indiana Landscape." It depicts the industrial and agricultural landscape of Indiana and was designed and crafted by Fine Arts students under the direction of professors Hector Garcia and Nancy McCroskey. Students participating in the project were Marie Ankenbruck-Hosford, Sue Tucker, Ruth A. Brenn, Lester R. Briant, Loretta L. Breunlin, Nancy D. Darlington, Jaleh Pessian Fazel, Carol A. Fowler, Jean A. Gies, Patricia L. Grime, Gwendolyn Gutwein-Hetrick, Carole Pl Keller, Margaret M. Pearson, Mark K. Sparks, Diana L. Stanley, Joan E. Strehler, David S. Wallace, Steve A. Vachon and Art Zaiser. Professor Kendall, Robert C. and construction technology students Larry Allan Arnett, Douglas L. Bergdall, Donald E. Hanley and Michael A. Peters designed the experimental construction system for the mural that was an innovative technique to avoid the risk of damaging the masonry. It was funded by the Follinger Foundation, Fort Wayne National Bank, Harold Rachel McMillan Foundation and Lincoln National Corporation. It was dedicated January 1, 1984.

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