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Classes were first offered in 1917 under the direction of Frank W. Shockley. The faculty numbered nine. There were 142 students in 12 classes the first term. As World War one intensified the enrollment went down to 30 students in 4 classes. By 1919-1920 there were 18 classes being offered to 175 students. In 1918 Floyd R. Neff became director, a position he held until 1951. In its early days the enrollment was primarily teachers. Five full-time students enrolled in 1927. Initially classes were offered at night in the old Central High School at Lewis and Barr streets. Administrative offices were on the third floor of the Allen County Courthouse until 1925. Later they moved to 114 W. Wayne St, and in 1930 it moved to the Dime Trust Bank Building at the northwest corner of Wayne and Clinton streets. In 1939 Indiana University purchased the building of the Lutheran Institute at 1120 South Barr St. ,and the Barr Street Campus became the home of IU until the new campus was built on Coliseum Blvd. The first graduate work offered was in February of 1926 when Professor of education, W.W. Wright came from Bloomington to teach a course on Friday evenings. By 1947 enrollment had reached 1606 students taking a total of 115 classes.
Source: The Creation Years, pp. 3-6.

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