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Kick off meeting for iPad cohort 2


Mobile learnings gets $25K boost

-Fort Wayne Dailynews

So Your Faculty Have iPads, Now What (Blog)

-Mobile Garage

My three weeks with an iPad (Blog)


Press conference from January 6, 2012

Arts Weekly 

(air date: January 5, 2012)

IPFW extends education to handheld devices

-Fort Wayne Dailynews

IPFW continuing experiment with iPads in classrooms

-Business Weekly

IPFW extends education to handheld devices

-St. Joe Times

iPads carve out new "i" in campus life at IPFW

-Journal Gazette


From August

IPFW faculty to be part of iPad pilot program


IPFW giving iPad to 60 on faculty


IPFW looks to "re-imagine" academic future with use of iPads

- News channel 15